Timber frame houses


  Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency offers a profitable long-term return throughout the life cycle of a building while caring for climate and resources. The heating cost of a timber frame house that has been constructed properly can be approximately 1/3 times less than the heating of a concrete or brick house.

Under the climate conditions of Latvia it would be necessary to build a wall more than 50 cm thick, so that it would be similar in terms of heat retention to a 20 cm-thick wall of a timber frame residential housing.

Heat energy savings that are even more impressive can be achieved in passive buildings – about 90% less heat than typical concrete buildings.


Low construction costs​

A timber construction is cheaper than a stone construction, because they do not need massive foundations (up to ~30% savings on foundations)

Timber frame constructions are made in a manufacturing plant, in an optimized process, providing an excellent ratio between the quality of the construction and price.

The construction is possible in a relatively short time, as well as the possibility of saving a lot on logistics. As a result of the construction of a timber frame building, it is possible to acquire more usable area per square metre of a building.


A timber frame construction has monolithic strength provided by the patented key connection, which locks the floors, walls and ceiling panels in three planes relative to each other, providing excellent rigidity and, at the same time, great flexibility that can withstand an earthquake and a hurricane.



A timber frame building that has been built properly can stand for multiple centuries. Its components have factory quality. Only CE certified raw materials are used during the manufacturing process, which provide higher standards of quality and ecological requirements. All timber parts are soaked with special protective agents that safely protect wood from moisture, pests, rot, and fire.



For no addition to costs both water supply and heating pipes are installed inside the walls and partitions, thereby avoiding damaging the overall view of the building.

It is possible to build a new house in a place that is nor easily accessible.

There are no restrictions to the finish options for the facades, rooms, and roofs. A timber frame house with a completed outside finish can have the appearance of a timber or a brick house.


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