Safety and quality

Safety and quality are basics of any construction process, and we take them into account for each process, for each action, each stage of a project and when making a decision.

Knowledge, experience and technologies

We ensure that our workers advance their qualification, we improve the production process with the latest technologies and materials in order to develop our level of professionality and to be able to complete even bigger and more technologically advanced projects. All these aspects together result in high-quality products, optimized work processes, reduced construction time, and lower expenses.

Environmentally friendly construction

We strive to plan, build, and renovate buildings and structures in a way that they would fit in the environment as naturally as possible and would reduce their negative impact on the environment. The main focus is placed on the energy efficiency of a building. It is ensured by ensuring that heating, air conditioning, ventilation, hot water systems and electrical equipment are all of a high energy efficiency standard.


MML Projekts has been active in construction for more than 10 years. During this time we have successfully completed projects of different kinds and sizes, from designing and constructing residential housing to designing, constructing, and reconstructing of production and public structures.

We have completed projects in the majority of territory of Latvia: Riga, the district of Riga, Jelgava, Saulkrasti, Liepaja, and other cities and rural parts of Latvia.

Behind each of our successfully completed projects there is a team of professionals, recognized and tested approaches to work, and high-quality materials and equipment.



There are industry professionals in our team to ensure a result of high-quality and optimal cost-to-quality ratio and an enjoyable and effective collaboration process.

We hold an opinion that employees are one of the most significant and valuable resources of a business; therefore, we promote the development of the qualification level of our employees and strive to create a safe, organised, and enjoyable work environment.

Our team is:

  • Competent. Our employees have proved that they are excellent construction and design experts.
  • In continuous development. In order for our services to remain of high quality, we plan and organise educational training for our employees on regular basis, we develop production and construction processes with the latest technologies and materials.
  • Motivated to work for you. We strive to offer services in a way that our client’s project is an exciting, fruitful, and pleasant investment.
  • Proactive. Our specialists will see and offer you the best, most modern, and potentially the most efficient solution.


The policy of MML Projekts is focused on quality, environment, work safety aspects, and adherence to principles of long-term activity.


MML Projekts is continuously developing it’s professional experience in the construction market and offers it’s collaborators the most suitable materials that are of the highest quality for a competitive pricing. The resources and experience of MML Projekts allows it to take on the care and responsibility for a whole project from A to Z; therefore, we are able to make the collaboration process between us and the client more comfortable, saving their time and resources.


In order to put these principles into effect, the performance quality and environmental policy of the company are based on these guidelines:

  • Identifying the wishes of our clients and increasing the quality of our service
  • The creation of a customer-friendly pricing policy.
  • Fulfilment of the requirements specified in the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia, including in the field of environmental protection
  • The identification and reduction of potential risks
  • The development of staff qualification and environmental awareness of staff on all levels at each workplace
  • The development of strong and mutually beneficial partnerships with suppliers and subcontractors
  • Improvement of the efficiency of the integrated quality and environmental management system that is established and implemented within the company